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Corporal punishment

I would like to start a dialogue on the subject of corporal punishment. It is a touchy subject! Many people believe that children can be disciplined with physical punishment. I would love comments on the topic and will start it off as follows:

Childhood should be a happy time. It is that period of a person’s life when they learn to love and be loved, to behave appropriately and to develop social skills. They find out from experience what is acceptable behaviour and what is not acceptable. They learn through positive affirmation and pleasant and unpleasant experiences.

Discipline is an important part of any child’s life but it is the manner in which a child is disciplined that can mold his or her character. Behaviour patterns are learned from those persons in a child’s life. Violence is learned, respect is learned, love and how to love is learned. As parents and guardians, we have a responsibility to teach our children positive behavioural skills. While we know that all children need to be disciplined, we, as parents and guardians are responsible for how we carry out that discipline.

Corporal Punishment What is corporal punishment?

We have all seen mothers hit their children at some time, or fathers shove their daughter when she wants something she cannot have and is screaming in the store. Corporal punishment is the use of physical force that causes pain but does not cause injury, as a means of discipline. Hitting a child on the head or other parts of the body or slapping the child’s face can all be considered corporal punishment but it is the intensity of these actions that can lead from being corporal punishment to being actual physical abuse.

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