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Notes from meeting held on 24th April, 2012

Please see the notes from the meeting held on Saturday 24th April. Please also see the Training Schedule which follows this post. It is important and helpful for volunteers and presenters to be aware of the schedule, presentations for which promise to be enlightening and  informative and which will inspire our new volunteers to assist the Centre in continuing its valuable work in the community both by helping hurting people and also educating and informing on the issues addressed by the Centre.

Volunteer’s meeting

Saturday April 24, 2012


  1. Rosella: Opening prayer
  2. Donna: Confirmation of upcoming Volunteer’s training and new format: general training will be 12 hrs. over two Saturdays…May 5 & 19 from 9am – 4 pm.

Specialized training: Hotline, rape advocacy, court watch, healthy relationships, and domestic violence advocacy  will require an extra 3-4 hrs to be scheduled separately.

  1. Donna: update on healthy relationships program which has been completed in the Government schools but to be presented to BTVI, Simpson Penn and Willamae Pratt. Scheduling will be in May.
  2. Leila: Health Fun/run/walk…we have secured sponsorship from National Insurance and Family Guardian. Leila is to convene a committee to finalize the planning of the event. The date is now confirmed for June 23, 2012. The route is to be finalized.
  3. Donna: Peace Conference update…plans in progress. Fundraising committee to meet and follow up for sponsorship.
  4. Introductions of attendees
  5. Flavia: presentation on “Child Discipline”

Flavia presented on alternate methods of discipline rather than beating children which invokes fear which creates many emotional issues. It was a very informative presentation and the lively discussion following the presentation was well received by all. It was concluded that this conversation has to be continued.

Brittany Symonette: Cia Monet :Beauties at Brunch”

Details were given of this event that takes place on Sunday May 6 at Compass Point. Price $50.00. The flyer was sent out to our volunteer list.

The Crisis Centre is to be a recipient of the proceeds.

  1. The next volunteer’s meeting will be held on May 26, 2012
  2. The meeting ended at 12.30 pm
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