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Notes from meeting held Saturday, 24th March, 2012

The meeting opened at 10:30AM with an opening prayer.


a)  Healthy Relationships Campaign : Update (Donna Nicolls)

– Project is going well despite some challenges with school

scheduling (timing conflicts with busy school schedule this term) –

Campaign is scheduled to continue  for the Fall (Sept/Oct., 2012).  However, about 50% of 12th graders targeted have been completed. Dr. Patterson also informed volunteers that Sandals has offered to sponsor the Healthy Relationships and Anti-Bullying campaigns in Exuma – The offer includes travel and accommodation for two people to Exuma.

b)     Green Ribbon Campaign – Bully Proofing Our Schools:

Update – Mrs. Sandra Neville has launched campaign in Carlton Francis. This campaign is due to climax 21st September, 2012 on International Day of the Child.  Discussion for prizes for this campaign (poem competition etc) – on hold until next meeting.

c)      Fundraising (Tea Party, Conference): – Discussions delayed – organizers not present.

d)     Fun Run/ Walk:

  • March 31st (Mario’s) – Volunteers are encouraged to participate as the Crisis Centre will receive the proceeds.
  • June 16th (Crisis Centre) – Update (Ms. Greene) – Two sponsors approached for water, fruits and trophies – Jasmine suggested that a request for sponsor could also be made to Caribbean Bottling Company (Coca Cola).  A Defense Force Officer has been asked to assist with walk route – Decision still to be made on the route.  Decided that the start time should be 6AM.

e)     Peace Conference:  Update (Donna) – Will provide a detailed report for next meeting.  Volunteers were allowed to review current list of activities / areas of responsibilities.

f)       Spoken Word / Speech Competition:  Next month’s agenda – Volunteers for this committee: Sharmaine Davis and Ms. Johnson.

g)     Supplement: – Next issue is November 2012.  Volunteers needed – Camille will Chair and Allison will assist.

h)     Beauty Salon /Barber Shop Campaign: – These businesses to distribute Crisis Centre’s cards to their clients.  The suggestion was also made to leave cards in Ladies’ Rooms.  Additionally, Jasmine put forward the idea of placing symbol (Crisis Centre’s) in businesses as direction to victims to a safe house.

i)       AOB:

  • Crisis Centre T-Shirts – Will be on sale to members for $10.00 and the public for $12.00 – Sale locations: Donna’s office and Bahamas Wood Working Studios (c/o Mr. D. Thompson).  Donna also reminded volunteers of the upcoming sale for conference T-Shirts (also $10.00).
  • Marital Rape – Concluded that the process in which this issue is addressed needs revision.
  • Inappropriate Teacher-Student Relationship – put forward by Brunette Hyler.  Dr. Patterson suggested topic should be addressed during Child Protection Conference.  It was also suggested that Flavia, volunteer/ counselor should begin talks (April 21st).
  • Silent Witness Campaign:  – Summary (Jasmaine) – Public response was very positive.  The T-Shirts pulled-in many people.  Sigmas apologized for non-participation – Will inform them well in advance in future.  Decided the campaign should be repeated  – Date: June 23rd, 2012, preferably at another venue (eg. Town Centre Mall – venue still to be decided).
  • Refreshments: – Provided by Mr. D. Thompson.  Next month’s to be provided by Sharmaine Davis and Ms. Smith.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  Saturday,  21st April, 2012 at 10AM.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 12:15PM.

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Date of next meeting and Conference Information

The next meeting will be held on Saturday, 24th March at the J. Whitney Pinder Building on Collins Avenue. The Silent Witness Event held at the Mall at Marathon last Saturday was a great success and drew attention from many shoppers in the Mall. Well done to all those who participated!

Meanwhile plans are progressing towards the Peace Conference to be held in September as part of our 30th Anniversary Celebrations. The website has been started and will be further developed as plans progress and more information becomes available.

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Silent Witness Exhibition Saturday March 10th

The Crisis Centre will be hosting a “Silent Witness Exhibition” at the Mall at Marathon Saturday March 10th, 9:30am to 4:00pm. If you’re interested in participating please contact the Bahamas Crisis Centre at 328-0922. We are still in need of some models to take part in this event (ANY age/gender/size).

Please come out and view our event and bring a friend or two to help us sensitize the community to the devastating effects of abuse.

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