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Thanks so much

Thanks to all the wonderful people who helped to make the party for the children seen at the Centre such a success.

The location was perfect and we are grateful for being able to use it. The donations of food and gift items from the community and the volunteers were wonderful! The work put in by the volunteers who helped set up, serve and clean up was inspiring!

The assistance given by members of the Bahamas Harvest Church added so much to the success of the party.

We wish all our supporters and volunteers a happy Christmas and a safe, healthy and peaceful New Year!

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Children’s Christmas Party

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Hotline Duty Reminder

We really appreciate all of our volunteers and especially those who cover the Hotline after working hours and at weekends and holidays. You are providing an invaluable service to the community. We would like to remind you that when the phone is programmed at the end of the working day, it will only go through to the volunteer if the phone is answered or goes to voice mail. We realize that it is not always possible to be home to take Hotline Duty when the phone is programmed and it might therefore be helpful to have an alternative number, such as a cell phone, if you feel you may not be home in time. If you have an answering machine, then the phone will successfully be programmed.

Again, we appreciate the help you are giving and if you would like to discussĀ  any difficulties you are having, please do call Glendina on 328-0922 who will be happy to hear from you.

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