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Notice of meeting on Saturday 29th October, 2011

There will be a meeting on Saturday, 29th October at the J Whitney Pinder Building on Collins Avenue at 10am. Plans for Crisis Centre Month in November will be discussed. The theme for the month is 242 Alert, Let’s Stop Child Abuse.

Some of the plans are to hold a Summit and to produce a newspaper supplement.

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Dealing with anger

I am so disturbed about the apparent total loss of control that many people are experiencing these days that I found this link which I think offers some good ways to control our anger. Family violence and other inappropriate behaviours often stem from anger and hurt but we can never justify losing our self control. but rather need to find ways to stem those feelings of anger and hurt so that we do not hurt others.

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Notes of meeting held on 8th October 2011

Due to plans for the month of November which is designated Crisis Centre Month, an extra meeting was held to discuss activities for the month. The notes are as follows:

Dr. Patterson asked if we wanted to stick with the current theme “Domestic Violence Is Everybody’s Business” or given the current national climate related to Child Sexual Abuse do we want to do something related to that.

After some discussion the matter was put to a vote and all agreed to change the theme.

242 Alert: Let’s Stop Child Sexual Abuse

(Other suggestions: 242 Alert: Let’s Save Our Children; 242 Alert Protect Our Children from Sexual Abuse)

Marco Archer

A suggestion was made for the Crisis Center to reach out to the Archer family who has expressed a need for help.

Dr. Patterson agreed to accompany Sandra Mackey to see Marco’s Mom following the meeting

 Action Items

 National Child Protection Council

  • Dr. Patterson to speak with the NCPC that goes into the schools to promote child safety regarding how the Crisis Center can assist in their efforts.
  • Coloring Books – The NCPC has coloring books that teach children about safety in the community. We would like to insure that all households can have a book so that the parents can go through the book with their children.  (Suggestion made that we should charge a minimal fee for the book to go towards further funding)
  • Dr. Patterson will discuss this with them at their meeting on Monday @ 4pm.

 Partner with Community Organizations

  • Host a Community Symposium to assist in efforts to partner with various community organizations to help increase awareness and come up with suggestions related to how to combat child sexual abuse.
  • Suggest that we work with PTA/Churches and host special assemblies to disseminate info. (Barrier to working with PTA is timing as most of them have had their monthly meeting already)
  • Invite men’s and women’s groups to summit
  • Partner with all groups.
  • Possible date of November 10, 2011.
  • Possible Time: 9 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Possible location: Police Conference Center – Dr. Patterson to follow up.
  • Talk Show Coverage – Creselle to book with Theresa Moxey

 Develop Brochure

  • Erika – Information should be psyco-educational in nature and speak about risk prevention
  • Stress to mother’s to know who they are bringing around their children
  • Educate men about sexual abuse as well

 Public Service Announcement

  • Effective method of communicating information
  • Tonette to draft a letter for a sponsor to cover the costs
  • Need to write the PSA and get it to Creselle ASAP.


  • Alesha Hart to work towards getting a concert scheduled to raise awareness
  • Best date for the concert would be November 12.
  • Alesha to have an update by Wednesday Oct. 12


  • Michelle to look into getting a sponsor for the supplement. ($2000)
  • Dr. Patterson suggested that if we were able to get $2000.00 we should use it for other activities instead. Donna suggested that the supplement  would be an avenue for information on Child sexual Abuse.We are using the $2000 we would have paid for the supplement to use towards paying for other activities during the month.

 Women’s Shelter

  • Pastor Ranford Patterson’s church has donated a 4 bedroom house to be used as a shelter.
  • A committee needs to be formed to discuss and develop how the shelter will be run. (Caesera volunteer to assist with the committee)
  • Taking on a shelter is a huge commitment though The Crisis Center has been asking to be given one we have to look at the pros and cons.
  • This house would be used as transitional housing.
  • We need to decide what target population will be housed there (i.e. women with boy children over 9 yrs. old).
  • The government is providing the Crisis Center with two paid persons for a year…there is a possibility that they could help at the shelter.

 La Viva Bell – Women’s Self-Empowerment Symposium

Being held October 20-22, 2011

  • They have offered to dedicate a booth for us to set up and we need volunteers to run the booth.
  • They will be there from 4pm – midnight but we can cover any time we can have volunteers available.
  • A volunteer has agreed to set up the booths on all three days and man the booth
  • Thursday: Tonette Minnis – 4:00 – 8:00p

Charmaine/LaKeisha – 6:00 – 9:00p

Candice Thompson – Will call regarding availability on this date

Charlene – 9:30 – Midnight

  • Friday –
  • Saturday – Sandra 5:00 – 10:00 p

 Sunday Church Service

November 6, 2011 – Ranford Patterson’s church

Next Steps

  1. Summit committee to meet Monday, October 10, 2011 – 6pm @ Crisis Center
  2. Next Meeting October 29, 2011 – Bring everything together


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October is Older Person’s Month

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