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Notes from meeting held on Saturday, 24th September 2011

The volunteers were welcomed by Donna Nicolls who introduced the new Administrator, Glendina Joseph. We all wish Glendina well in her new post.

The following suggestions/points were made at the meeting:

  • We need to obtain occupation / date of birth / place of employment of all volunteers.  The reason being that we would have a clear picture of the various skills among us.  In addition, to send greetings to volunteers on special occasions.
  • Donna noted need for two-way communications between us.  Also, to take the initiative and run with projects and recommit our pledge as volunteers which is to serve.
  • Dr. Flavia mentioned the need for Counsellors to meet together to discuss cases.  As they come on different days and it is hard to meet the other Counsellors.
  • Glendina to send the Counsellor information to Dr. Flavia on Monday.
  • There is an urgent need for a Volunteer Support Group Coordinator to organize events.
  • Dr. Sue requested a list of Hotline Volunteers so to have better contact as well as call other volunteers to troubleshoot when the needed arises.  As well as to encourage each other as sometimes the issues dealt with can be overwhelming.
  • Glendina to send the Hotline Volunteers information to Dr. Sue on Monday
  • Hotline Volunteers are asked to be available when they are on duty.  Also, to call the office in advance or contact another volunteer to work that night in their place.
  • It was stated that there is a gap in the morning between 7:00am until 9:30am when the hotline volunteer is unavailable to receive calls as they are in commute (school drops and getting to work).
  • There is a need for the Crisis Centre to have toll free cellular phones for the volunteers to use.  Lindsay suggested the Centre to write a letter to Batelco requesting their assistance in the matter.
  • Rosella noted that the Centre was in possession of cellular phones years ago, however volunteers were not faithful to their commitment in collecting the phones on a timely manner.  Therefore, the then Office Administrator was left with the task of working the hotline that night after doing it all day.
  • The will be a hotline training session soon.  Will be advised at next meeting October 8th, 2011.
  • There is a need for an auxiliary person or volunteer to come in on Wednesday morning between the hours of 7:30 and 11:00am.  As the present Administrator comes in at 11:00am.
  • In relation to Green Ribbon Campaign – we need a volunteer to spear head this workshop.  The person must be able to follow through with this project.
  • Rape Advocacy – there is a need for volunteers to assist in this area.  Donna will get back with information on training at a later time after consultation with Rosella.
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy – Charmaine mentioned that we can send a letter to Commissioner Greeenslade requesting Dr. Patterson to meet with him.  Our concern is that someone from the Centre should accompany the Officers when they go to a reported domestic violence scene.
  • High School Liaison – There needs to be contact with the various schools’ Guidance Counsellors so that we can partner with them to disseminate information to students using printed media and group sessions.

“The Night to End Sexual Violence in the Caribbean” is scheduled for September 29th, 2011 at Doongalik Studio 7 – 9:00pm. This is an ongoing event since the conference in 2007. We are requesting volunteers to provide refreshment like pastries, drinks, sandwiches, napkins, plates.  We also need volunteers to help clean up after the event. 

Meeting adjourned for October 8th, 2011 same time and place.

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  1. Dr Sue
    September 29, 2011 at 17:06

    I can’t remember asking for a list of volunteers. .though it is nice to get one Glendina, I had offered to assist the volunteer coordinator if needed. and had indeed suggested formalising support systems for volunteers in general and those on hotline in particular

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