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Child Protection Month 2011


National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse

The Crisis Centre


  • If you witness a child abduction, contact your local Police Station or call 919 immediately!
  • Provide information on the location of the abduction and a description of the victim, the suspect and/or any vehicle involved.
  • Watch for the child, suspect and vehicle described in the alert.
  • Immediately report any sightings by calling 919 or the telephone number included with the alert. (Do not call 919 to request information about the abduction.)
  • Notify all local media assignment desks: The sooner television and radio begin notifying the community that a child has been kidnapped, the better the chances of recovery.
  • Keep your home phone attended by someone your child knows: Install Caller ID if you do not already have that service and record conversations. This may be the only way your child knows how to reach you.
  • Take care to preserve your physical and emotional welfare: Friends, neighbors and even total strangers will be working toward a successful resolution, but you must remember to eat and sleep regularly. This will be the most daunting and difficult journey that you will ever take and you will need sobriety, presence of mind and good judgment if it is to be successful. Seek emotional and psychological support from your church, a social service agency or even a professional counselor with experience in your type of situation. Remember that you alone are leading the battle for the return of your missing child.
  • Remember – Never Give Up Hope! As long as you believe, hope remains eternal.

What parents can do?

Teach your child these safety tips:

  • Never get into anyone’s car without your parents’ permission.
  • Move away from a car that pulls up beside you if you don’t know the driver.
  • Say, “No, thank you,” if a stranger or someone else offers you candy or gifts.
  • Never answer the door if you are home alone.
  • Don’t play in deserted buildings.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Royal Bahamas Police Force Emergency Hotline: 919

Police: 322-4444

The Crisis Centre: 328-0922

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