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Child Protection Month 2011

Parenting Tips

Being a parent is not easy. If you are experiencing any of the following feelings, please seek help for yourself:

  • You feel lonely and isolated with no-one to turn to
  • You feel nervous and unable to cope
  • You feel you are not a good parent
  • You are depressed
  • Your problems seem overwhelming
  • You’re afraid of what you might do to your child
  • You sometimes hurt your child
  • You are experiencing sexual feelings toward your child

Protecting your child

If you have babies or young children, do NOT leave the following lying around, in unlocked cupboards, or within reach:

  • bleach
  • kerosene
  • gasoline
  • medication/tablets
  • alcohol
  • household cleaners (detergent, disinfectant, oven-cleaners, dishwashing liquid etc.)
  • cologne
  • permanent cream (for hair)
  • furniture spray
  • bug spray
  • weed killer
  • any other substance which is not intended for consumption

NEVER put harmful substances in drink or milk bottles or cans.
Remember that products such as apple juice and pine cleaners, candies and tablets, medicines and lamp oil look alike and children can mistake a poisonous substance for a safe one.

If your child swallows any dangerous substance:

  • Take the child to the hospital immediately
  • Do not induce vomiting
  • Do not give the child anything to eat or drink
  • Keep nose and mouth clean/clear
  • Keep air passages clear

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Never shake your baby. Shaking a baby can cause blindness, brain damage, hearing loss, spinal cord injury, seizures, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities and even death.  The number one reason why a baby is shaken is because it won’t stop crying. Even tossing a baby into the air or bouncing it on the knee can cause damage. Babies’ necks are too weak to support their heavy heads. When they are shaken, the head flops back and forth, causing serious damage.

A young baby’s neck should always be supported.

If your baby will not stop crying, count to ten and calm down. If you have done everything you can to make the baby comfortable, i.e. fed the baby, changed the diaper, burped the baby, allow the baby to cry awhile. Go to another part of the house and check on the baby every 10-15 minutes. Call a family member or friend for emotional support. Take the baby to the hospital or call the baby’s doctor in case something is medically wrong.

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