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Notes from meeting held 26 February 2011

The meeting took place at the J.Whitney Pinder Building on Collins Avenue.We continue to appreciate being allowed to use the building for our Saturday meetings.

  • Home for the Crisis Centre –  We are trying to identify a building to house the Crisis Centre as the two rooms allocated in the hospital are not really sufficient. However, financial constraints limit the possibility of getting a building outside the hospital at this time.
  • Teen Relationship Violence Campaign – The campaign is going very well with the help of members of Rotary and Zonta  Clubs who are going into the schools and presenting to and interacting with teen students from the 12th grade. The students have been very receptive to the presentations and we thank all those involved in the campaign.
  • Nominations for some new members on  the Executive Board will be held at next month’s meeting.
  • A Fund Raising Report was given by Jadetra who outlined plans to hold a Tea Party and p0ssibly another Fair. Dates are to be identified which do not clash with other organizations’ activities.
  • A Press Pack which is to be given to organizations, individuals and agencies  in the community was distributed to the volunteers for their consideration. The document, which includes statistics, budget, financial statements and plans for campaigns  also has some very useful information on the Centre  contained therein and should encourage those receiving it to donate generously to the Centre.  Jadetra and Candice are to be acknowledged for their hard work in developing the Press Pack.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday 19th March, 2011. In the meantime stay safe!

PS I have just realized that I have been writing this blog for two years now. How quickly time passes! I hope it is useful to those who read it and who are interested in the Crisis Centre and all our activities.

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  1. forum admin
    March 3, 2011 at 14:13

    your tireless efforts are appreciated. AS i can’t make Saturday meetings Ii appreciate the blog to keep me up to date

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