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Notes from meeting held 22nd January 2011

The meeting was well attended by enthusiastic and energetic volunteers.

A report on the Fair organized by Jadetra and Candice was presented and a profit of approximately $5,000 was raised from the Fair and contributions from sponsors. The Centre is grateful to all this who supported the Fair in any way and, of course, to Candice and Jadetra who worked so hard to make it a success.

Plans for the coming year were discussed and include:
* A Fashion Show and Tea Party to be held late March or early April
* A Fair later in the year. This would depend on volunteer support to assist with the organization of this event as it is a huge undertaking and needs a full team of dedicated volunteers.
* A campaign named “Stop the Silence” is to be launched in March, where posters depicting Domestic Violence and Child Abuse will be placed all over New Providence to raise awareness. Photo shoots will take place to provide models for the posters and for PSA’s to be shown on local television.
* Elections will take place for members of the Executive Board next month.
* Training has already taken place for members of the Zonta Club to assist in going into schools to talk about Teen Dating Violence and more training is to take place for members of Rotary and other organizations to assist in this activity. Donna Nicolls will be offering the training.

It was suggested that dues should be collected from volunteers in the amount of $5 per month and this will be confirmed when a final decision is made.

It is great that so many volunteers are energized so that the planned projects can be successfully developed and executed.

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  1. forum admin
    January 25, 2011 at 02:32

    Dues of $5 per month hmmmmm As I have mentioned I am unable to attend Crisis Centre meetings as I work every Saturday. However I still give of my time on Hotline on a regular basis. Perhaps we should ask those who are listed as volunteers but are not involved actively to consider becoming financial members.

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