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Time for change

Life is change and these are times of change for The Crisis Centre. As we have indicated for some weeks now, we will no longer be able to work out of Knowles House as the construction on new operating theaters at PMH is about to start. At least for now, the Crisis Centre is being offered two rooms in the hospital from which to operate our services. This will require a major adjustment to staff and clients alike but our main concern is that clients continue to come for counseling and crisis intervention. Volunteers will be kept up to date on the move.

Another change is a transfer of responsibility for our website. I designed the site in 2001 and it has proved useful to people here and abroad in learning about the services we offer. It has had nearly 25,000 hits mostly from the Bahamas but also from all over the world.

However, many of our younger members in particular feel that it needs to be rebuilt and it is admirable that such interest is taken in it’s design and content. With this in mind, I have today handed over to a new webmaster and we look forward to seeing great things on the website. The forum and this blog will continue to be managed by Sue and myself, respectively.

In other news, the Night For Hope and Healing will take place next Thursday, 7th October at 7pm on Fowler Street. It is hope as many volunteers as possible will attend. Please call the office if you need further information.

The Crisis Centre will be participating in Mental Health Day on Friday 8th October at Church of God Auditorium on Joe Farrington Road with a display of our posters and brochures.

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