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Notes from meeting held 18th September, 2010

The meeting was held at the J. Whitney Pinder Building on Collins Avenue and we were glad to see those who attended. We value each one of you.

  • National Day to End Sexual Violence. Since the Regional Conference was held in 2007, we have recognized the 29th September as the National Day to End Sexual Violence. Two years ago we held an exhibition in the Mall at Marathon and last year, we held a press conference in the cemetery at St. Matthews Anglican Church. This year, Donna Nicolls is organizing a “Night of Hope and Healing”.

This event will be held at ‘The Indaba Tent’, home of The Indaba Project, afterschool programme, Fowler Street, on Wednesday September 29, at 7 – 9 pm

  • Reorganization of  the Crisis Centre. It is hoped to set up two committees, one Executive and one Advisory.  This item will be further discussed in October.
  • Crisis Centre/Zonta Partnership. Zonta has offered to partner with the Crisis Centre and will be focussing on teen relationship violence and, from November 25th for sixteen days, will be going into the schools to address this issue. Donna will be training those who will be visiting the schools. Zonta is also willing to help the Centre finance a new building.
  • Crisis Centre Month. Jadetra and Candice have been planning several events/activities for the month of November to recognize Crisis Centre Month, including flooding the airways and TV (particularly Channel 12) with information on the Crisis Centre, a fair to be held on R.M Bailey Part, exhibitions in the Mall at Marathon, and possibly a fundraising party. The 13th November was considered for the fair.
  • Update on Building. It seems that the Crisis Centre will have to move and we have no alternative accommodation as yet. We are to be offered two rooms in PMH as a temporary measure.  Other ideas are being investigated.
  • Family Violence Summit. This is to be held this coming week from Wednesday 22nd – 24th September at the Police Headquarters from 9.30-4.30. Friday is for men only when the Bahamian branch of Cariman will be launched.  Cariman is a Caribbean movement of Men Against Violence.  One of the organizers Peter Weller from Jamaica will be in Nassau to share about this movement.
  • A discussion was also started on the type of situations/crises  facing citizens and residents alike in The Bahamas today. The number of suicides or suicide attempts of young people is of particular concern as well as the financial stress being experienced by so many people. It was suggested that a round table discussion should be organized to discuss these issues in more depth.

We hope that more volunteers will attend the next meeting in October. Please call the office if you would like any further information on any of the topics addressed at the meeting held yesterday.

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  1. September 20, 2010 at 12:25

    It is good to read these plans across the region. The importance of volunteers cannot be understated. I read the first line of the minutes “Unfortunately only a few volunteers attended’. It is easy to be disappointed by numbers, but I have learnt when dealing with volunteer work that it is good to celebrate those who attend the meetings and I am one of the volunteers at Help & Shelter who does not attend the monthly meeting due to a conflict with another meeting. Sometimes people want to do direct duties, but they do not like to attend meetings.. all sorts of things.

  2. crisiscentrebahamas
    September 20, 2010 at 13:12

    You know, you are right, Vidya! It is just we need so much help with the activities we organize. I will edit though as it does sound negative. Hope all is going well with you.

  3. forum admin
    January 9, 2011 at 18:50

    I notice that there have been no changes to the website. Considering how keen people were to see changes it seems a little strange that absolutely nothing ha happened. I had put the forum on hold waiting to hear from the new webmaster. Just curious

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