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There really has been little news this summer other than we continue to search for a new location as Knowles House is definitely going to be demolished. We tried to prevent it happening but to no avail. As soon as we know where we will be located, we will let volunteers know.

However, regardless of the uncertainty of where we will be, the work goes on. Clinics have continued to be held and clients still call and come in for counseling, demonstrating how much the services offered by the Crisis Centre are needed.

One project of which we can proud was carried out during the holiday when students were attending summer camps. A small group of young volunteers, including our intern, Pamela Britt, from Holland, visited the camps and engaged the students in skits portraying violence in teenage relationships. For the most part, the students were very enthusiastic and the exercise encouraged them to discuss the issue.

We look forward to meeting as soon as possible. It is hoped we will be able to hold our usual monthly meeting in September. Novelette will let volunteers know where the meeting is to be held.

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