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Knowles House to be demolished

*PLEASE NOTE*! – This is to inform everyone that Knowles House has been scheduled for demolition in September 2010 and the Crisis Centre has to relocate as of the FIRST WEEK IN AUGUST. With such SHORT notice you can understand our need for your assistance. Therefore, if you can assist with packing or with providing boxes, please call the office at 328-0922.

We will also need storage space for boxes, etc. We are currently looking for alternative accommodation close to the hospital. Any suggestions would be welcome.

This is sad news for all of us, especially those who have been attached to Knowles House for many years. I joined the Community Mental Health team in Knowles House in 1991 and shortly thereafter, the Crisis Centre, which at that time was called the Women’s Crisis Centre. I will be posting my personal feelings as the end of an era approaches. I believe the photo above was taken in 1994.

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Fatherhood and the Law

The first in our lecture series, Fatherhood and the Law, was held on Thursday 26th June at the J. Whitney Pinder Building on Collins Avenue. Due to the late notice, there were only a few people in attendance but the presentations were very inspiring and were recorded so that they can be used on local television programmes.

John Bostwick, an attorney presented on the new laws as they pertain to fathers’ responsibility to their children whether born in or out of wedlock and the fact that a father can claim to be the father by making a declaration. He outlined the advantages and disadvantages to the law.

Utah Taylor, from Mr. Controversy TV spoke with much emotion about his quest to find his father and the joy it has given him to have identified him at last.

Elsworth Johnson, an attorney, also spoke about the relationship with his father and the importance of child support.

It is intended that the next lecture will be on Domestic Violence and the amendments to the laws protecting individuals. Stay tuned for more details on this.

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The meeting held on 20th June was again poorly attended but those who were there were active volunteers and so there was useful and stimulating participation.

Pamela Britt,
an intern from the Nederlands who is spending three months with us, is working on information on Marital Rape and the impact it has made on the local community. A discussion was held on the best way to educate the community on the definitions of rape and marital rape in the hope that there will be a better understanding on why the present act needs to be amended.

We also discussed rebranding the Crisis Centre, in terms of colours to represent abuse. The logo will be changed to blue, purple and white. There have also been several suggestions in recent months that the website needs rebuilding. Candice will identify someone to do this and ask them to submit draft design for consideration. The person identified will also have to take on the business aspect of managing the website, ie using own credit card and contact details and being responsible for renewing the domain in a timely fashion.

Jadetra gave an update on fund raising and projects to raise awareness on the work done by the Centre. These include the cards to be distributed to the beauty salons and barber shops and it was felt that another card which could apply to both men and women should be developed, as well as the current one which is more for women only.

The circus generated about $200-300 and the face painting offered by the Centre at the event was very popular. Something to remember for future events.

The Crisis Centre was represented at the Little Pink Party and several people took application forms to be volunteers. Some of these have already been interviewed.

The big fund raiser is still uncertain as a “Back in Time Party” could be very expensive to organize as hotels and sponsors are not in a position to assist at this time. Another Fair was considered to be held on the RM Bailey grounds as that is a popular location.

Thea spoke about the skits that were written by herself and Samitria last year and were very successful. It was thought that they could be put on at Summer Camps and young people attending the Camps would give their input. The students who acted in the skits are very committed to future performances.

Thea also suggested that a Poster competition should be put on later in the year. As the entries received in recent years have not been of a good standard at all, discussion was held on how best to inspire the very talented artists we have in the schools. Other competitions were considered, such as dance expression, art auction of children’s art and story writing.

We also discussed client assistance and volunteers will be asked to bring in unperishable food items to be given to those in need. A young lady who is having a difficult time in getting a job was invited to share her story of sexual harassment and fear of reprisals.

The first in the lecture series was to be held on Thursday 26th June at the J. Whitney Pinder Building on Collins Avenue at 6pm. The discussion is to be on Fatherhood and the Law.

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