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Notes from meeting held 15th May 2010

Again there were not many volunteers at the meeting although it was good to see some who have not attended for some time…welcome back!

Novelette updated those present about the Circus that weekend and asked for volunteers to assist in selling raffle tickets at the event as it could be a good fund raiser for the Centre. She also spoke about the campaign to raise funds from sponsors, forms for which would be available whenever we have an opportunity, such as exhibitions and other events.  Jadetra Ingraham has been working very hard on developing projects and activities to inform the public on the work done at the Centre as well as raising funds to continue and expand our services.

As we normally do not have meetings in July and August of each year, we are hoping more volunteers will attend the meeting in June. See you there!

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Just reminding all our volunteers that the monthly meeting will be held this Saturday, 15th May, at 10am at Knowles House. Please come out and support some of our activities and projects which are being planned.  We need you!!

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The Circus is coming to town!

Join us at the Circus at the Kendal G. L. Isaacs Gym on May 15th & 16th tickets are $20 (we have some for sale) and show starts at 4pm……Facepainting 2:30pm-4pm. See you there!

Volunteers are asked to assist in selling raffle tickets on the final day of the circus (Sunday) Please call the office to find out how you can help

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