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Notes from meeting Saturday, 20th March 2010

The meeting was not well attended but those who were there responded well to ideas and plans put forward for consideration.

  • The Retreat held last month resulted in several committees being set up to cover various areas of the Centre. It is hoped that with these committees in place, the members of each would assist in organizing events and activities to enhance the services offered by the Centre.
  • Hotline Training for those already doing hotline duty and those new volunteers who are going to be trained and who wish to do hotline duty, will be held on Thursday, 25th March from 6-9pm. Anyone who is able to attend should please call the office to confirm their attendance.

Jadetra Ingraham, who is heading up the committee responsible  for PR and Fund Raising then put forward her ideas. We have to thank Jadetra for being so creative and dedicated to her work at the Centre.


  1. The  first idea was a beauty salon and barber shop campaign, whereby our brochures would be taken by volunteers to their beauty salon and displayed for patrons to view while they wait to be served. It was suggested that owners of the salons could be asked if they would be interested in training at a workshop, as they often listen to their customers’ problems. Following training, a video could also be shown in the salon on one or more  of the issues addressed by the Centre.
  2. A letter will be written to churches with information on The Crisis Centre, to be included in the church bulletin in the hopes that anyone needing the services of the Centre would call and talk to a counsellor.
  3. A letter is being sent to a local agency requesting the use of a room to use as a monthly forum for the public and our volunteers to discuss topics pertinent to the issues addressed by  the Centre.  It was questioned as to whether we would get a good response from either volunteers or the public and it was decided to try it for three months and then assess if it was a worthwhile activity. It was suggested that we target particular groups, such as churches, rather than just open it up to all.
  4. Monthly articles to be written for the Nassau Guardian were considered  but the idea was postponed to a later date. The commitment to produce such articles could be quite onerous.
  5. A T-shirt campaign whereby card T-shirts are displayed with short stories of victims was considered and it was decided to hold such a event in April, as part of Child Protection Month, in September for Sexual Violence Prevention and in November as part of Crisis Centre Month. The exhibit in April would include posters and information on Child Abuse, probably in the Mall at Marathon.
  6. It was decided to develop a Calendar of Events to be posted on the website. This would include not only our own events but also any event that is relevant to the Centre.
  7. Radio Stations will be asked to adopt the Crisis  Centre. Spirit Gospel has already shown great support for the Centre in funning a teddy bear campaign which was very successful. Hundreds of teddies were delivered to the Centre for children when they come in for counselling. Giles Wells has also asked for volunteers to call his morning show with information on the Centre.

Fund Raising

  1. The fund raising committee is seeking sponsorship from corporate entities as ongoing support. Apparently, stores such as Phil’s and Robin Hood donate to selected organizations and we need to make sure we are on their lists!
  2. A Circus is coming to town! From May 11-15, the circus will be held at the Kendall Isaac Gymnasium and selected organizations have been invited to organize a fund raising event on one night. It was suggested that our activity could be a raffle, so it would be important to solicit gifts for prizes. We would try to secure the Friday night slot.
  3. Ideas were then put forward for a major fund raising event and Jadetra suggested a “Step Back in Time” party, where attendees could dress in  60’s, 70’s or 80’s clothes. A suitable location would have to be found at a low or no cost, as well as a DJ and food and drink. The idea would be to make $50,000 and with a ticket for $25, it would mean we would need at least 2,000 people in attendance. It was suggested that the last Friday in October might be the best date, but it is important to find out first that no other major events are taking place around that time. Several locations were suggested including New Providence Community Church, other church auditoriums, etc.

Thanks again to Jadetra for all these great ideas! Several people have signed up to support and work on these events and we look forward to their ongoing commitment.

The Bahamas Counceil Of Churches is organizing an event to be held on Good Friday where women will dress in white and congregate at the Recreation Ground on Market Street  to protest crime and violence.

There will also be a march organized by Mount Ararat Church to protest teen pregnancy and incest on Saturday , 27th March. Crisis Centre volunteers have been invited to attend. More details at the office.

Dr. Patterson spoke about  a rape case which occurred in 2002 and has only now been heard in court, inspite of the evidence being very strong against the alleged perpetrator. The trauma to the victim, who has had to live all these years having no closure to the case, must be horrendous.

Thank you to those volunteers who came to the meeting. We look forward to seeing you next month and hope you will encourage any of your friends who are volunteers to attend the next meeting.

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Hotline Training 25th March at 6pm

As well as the monthly meeting tomorrow at 10am, Hotline Training will take place for those who already do Hotline duty, as a refresher course on Thursday, 25th March from 6-9pm. Please call the office to let Novelette know if you will be attending. We are hoping that all those volunteers who cover the Hotline will be able to be there. You all do a wonderful job and it will give you an opportunity to give feedback and ideas on how we can improve the service.

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Just a reminder that the next meeting is on Saturday, 20th March at 10am. Hope to see you there!

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