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Notes from meeting held Saturday 16th January 2010

There was a poor turnout to the meeting, especially as the first meeting of the year is usually well attended. However, those volunteers in attendance contributed enthusiastically to the issues addressed.

  • The next meeting will be held in the form of a retreat, whereby volunteers will be given self enrichment exercises and tools on how to nurture oneself.  The Wyndham Hotel has offered a room for the event and we have to give them numbers and a budget so they can provide refreshments.  We will also be discussing the future direction of the Crisis Centre, including fund raising, Hotline services, media and looking at partnering with men to help meet the challenges we face.
  • Patty Solomon is an operatic singer who now lives in Switzerland. She would like to put on a concert in aid of the Crisis Centre and will be visiting the Bahamas again sometime before November. Volunteers felt it important to ask her what format the concert should take and if she would be willing to have other local artistes perform.  Donna suggested that the Nassau Music Society could be asked to assist as they have a wealth of experience in organizing similar events.
  • The issue of Spousal Rape was addressed once more. The Prime Minister has stated that he intends for the amendment to be passed and volunteers were asked how best we can support his efforts. It was suggested that volunteers write to their MP to express the importance of passing the amendment. Other ways of keeping the issue alive might be to hold a demonstration in Rawson Square on a day when the House meets and present the members with a petition. A Clothesline project, with stories of victims of spousal rape could be held at the same time to add a dynamic element to the event.  Other ideas included presentations  to members of Womens’ Groups and Unions, etc. A standard presentation could be prepared with this in mind. Rosella and Maudlin offered to assist with presentations. We then watched Dr. Ada Thompson’s presentation at the workshop held late last year, in which she very effectively gave the biblical interpretation of the human rights of men and women in relationships, particularly sexual relationships. It was also suggested that the whole workshop should  be shown on local television.
  • This discussion led into ongoing concern about the anger emanating from teenagers in particular and the concern that the Family Life Program in schools was not adequately addressing the issue of conflict resolution.
  • Fay brought up the issue of receiving Hotline calls where we are asked to provide or suggest accommodation for women and children in danger. This is an ongoing problem and the calls often come from the Police. As most safe houses require Social Services intervention, applications for shelter can only be made during working hours.

Volunteers will be informed by email and this blog as to the location of the retreat or, alternatively, can call the office to get details.

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