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Notes from meeting held 24th October 2009

3492377539_97bc6bdc85_ogabriellacamerotti copyWell, the volunteers at the meeting exuded energy, ideas and commitment! We look forward to good support in all our projects as we cannot carry out our plans without our volunteers.

Novelette gave an update on the plans for Crisis Centre Month to be held in November, the topic being Teen Relationship Violence and the theme, “Love Shouldn’t Hurt”

  • A workshop for High School Students and professionals from several agencies and organizations is to be held on the 19th November at the Church of God of Prophecy on East Street from 9am-12midday. An agenda is to be developed which will stimulate discussion from both students and adults at the workshop so that the issues pertaining to Teen Relationships can be addressed.
  • A play to be performed in the schools, either live or by video has been written by Thea and Samitria and will be reviewed by a small team of volunteers to meet on Tuesday at 6pm.  Margot Bethel from the Hub is anxious to give support to the Crisis Centre and is offering the Hub as a possible location for the play to be shown and possibly, a social event following the play. The play will require about 10-12 actors, men and women!
  • Talks will be given in schools on the subject of Teen Relationship Violence and Erica Morris is already involved in doing similar talks in high schools on her own behalf.  She presented a small card which could be distributed to students to sensitize them to the fact that violence is not limited to physical abuse but includes other elements of disrespect and degradation. She also showed the volunteers a bookmark for students depicting silent victims. Erica also asked volunteers to donate old shoes so that an exhibit depicting stories of victims of abuse could be used when visiting schools.
  • The newspaper supplement with the Tribune has not really got underway, but several volunteers offered material for it so it is hoped that we can develop a dynamic publication. Stephanie has produced two beautiful posters and will submit an idea for the cover. She also offered to do the layout and we will be contacting the Tribune to see if that is a possibility. The supplement will be published in late November, hopefully on a Monday or a Thursday.

Novelette also reported on the Ms. Full Figured Bahamas Exhibition which was such a success with brochures and T-shirts being distributed and sold in the Mall. The card T-shirts used at the vigil were pinned to the display boards and had a dramatic effect on adults and children viewing the exhibition.

The group is working hard to prepare one of our rooms  for a Teen Room and an idea from Lynn Sweeting to ask for computers to be donated so that young people could learn to blog and express their feelings, was shared with volunteers.  It was pointed out that there would have to be supervision for the teenagers using the room. To assist in completing the room, Ms. Mcdonald from the Ms Full Figured Bahamas told volunteers that more sponsors were needed.

Jan Thurston reported that Burns House is sponsoring a Fund Raiser for the Crisis Centre on Saturday, 31st October at the Caves. There will be makeovers, kid’s face painting as well as other activities and food! The event is going to be from 12 noon until 6pm. Jadetra Ingraham will explore the possibility of a photographer taking photos of the makeovers. As the event is planned for just before the start of Crisis Centre Month, it was suggested that the month of activities could be launched on the 31st.

Dr. Patterson wanted to get feedback on the Press Conference held in the cemetery to recognize The National Day to End Sexual Violence and it was felt that the response was generally good with the odd person against the idea. The media coverage on this occasion was excellent. However, it was recognized that there are still so many misconceptions on what Rape is, that we need to have a workshop and ongoing presentations to educate and inform. With this in mind, Dr. Patterson suggested we hold a workshop before the end of the year. Govermental and non-governmental agencies would be invited.

We were reminded of the Youtube video developed by Craig Gibson on domestic violence and it was suggested we show it at various locations. However, we need to remember that the correct equipment is needed for particular formats and that will be investigated .

Camille Smith spoke about the seminars on  Domestic Violence , Teen Dating Violence, Sexual Violence and Healing from the Trauma of Violence that she has been conducting at COB and suggested we liaise with the college and possibly make use of their Performing Arts area, which is now available.

Dr. Patterson suggested we hold a Ball next year with a theme to signify our support for children’s safety or something similar. We would need a major sponsor to underwrite the event. Sue recommended that we hold a Silent Auction along with the Ball as it is a good way to generate funds. A list of volunteers who are willing to help organize the Ball was made for office use and it was advised that work should immediately start on the planning of the event.

The annual party for the children seen at the Centre was discussed and Patricia Chatti suggested it could be held at the school at which she works, Kiddie Village on West Bay Street. As we normally ask a group of Canadians to donate toys, we would have to find out when they are available and plan the date of the party around their availability.

Patricia Chatti is holding a Shoe Fetish and would like to do something similar for the Crisis Centre with a brunch and shoe “competition” being held to raise funds. She is proposing to hold the event at the Hilton Hotel on Bay Street.

And that is the end of this blog, I hope! It is probably the longest one so far and demonstrates how many ideas were shared and explored at the meeting. If there are corrections to be made, please let me know…at least I would then know you read it!!

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  1. October 30, 2009 at 18:03

    Thanks for this detailed meeting report. I was unable to attend so this is extremely helpful.

  2. crisiscentrebahamas
    November 2, 2009 at 13:15

    That is good to hear. It is encouraging to get some feedback!

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