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signs of child sexual abuse

conposter11 (Large)I am hoping that the following information on Sexual Abuse and signs to look for, is  useful. The Crisis Centre has brochures on all forms of abuse and many of these brochures are available as free downloads  from the Crisis Centre website

Children should be taught about good and bad touching (brochures are also available for that)


What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is the involvement of a child in any sexual practices with an adult or older child.

It includes fondling of private parts, making suggestions of a sexual nature, penetration (anal, oral or vaginal) It also includes exposure to indecent pictures, film, literature or behaviour.

Signs of sexual abuse:

* Precocious sexual behaviour

* Unexplained bleeding or discharge from genital or anal


* Stress related disorders

* Infections in the mouth or throat

* Sexually transmitted diseases

* Loss of appetite

* Unexplained vomiting or gagging

* Nightmares

* Anxiety

* Withdrawal

* Low self esteem

* Problems at school

A child who is being sexually abused may become withdrawn,

depressed, sometimes suicidal, self-destructive, obsessed with

private parts and fearful.

A child who reports that he/she is being abused should be:

* believed…children rarely make up stories of abuse

* reassured that he/she is not at fault

* given a promise that he/she will be protected from further abuse

* taken to the doctor

When someone is sexually abused by a family member, or somebody

close to the family, it is called “incest”.

This form of sexual abuse is particularly traumatic because it

breaks the trust a child has placed in someone who is normally caring

and nurturing.

Sometimes parents, and especially mothers, do not want to believe

that their child has been molested, particularly when it is someone,

sometimes the breadwinner, who lives in the same house or nearby.

NEVER blame your child. Sexual abuse is never the child’s fault.

PLEASE believe your child. Not only is it against the law to keep

such information to yourself, but you may be sacrificing your child’s

physical and emotional health if you do not seek help.

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