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the solemn ceremony in rawson square

DSCF0813Held in conjunction with the Bahamas Christian Council and the National Child Protection Council, the solemn ceremony went well though the turn out was not as good as we had expected. With all the outrage DSCF0822at recent reports of child abuse, one would think the community would be glad to have the opportunity to express their horror that ANY child should be abused. However, those who did attend, were very supportive and eager DSCF0843to sign the petition that was available. Many people read the horrifying stories of abuse depicted on a clothesline project.

Pastor Barrington Brennen did a wonderful job as MC…not sure why we had to take off a shoe and compared it with that of the person next to us!!

Dr Patterson gave an impassioned Statement of Purpose and Minister of State for Social Services, Loretta Butler Turner admonished those who were not present to make their  voices heard. She was disappointed that more people had not come out to support the cause.

Pastors from several churches were present and made their contribution calling for an end to abuse of children.


The National Children’s Choir sang beautifully and CREAM gave a presentation on abuse of children.

Miss Bahamas Universe 2009 spoke with passion about abuse and young Quinton Smith from Long Island talked about the different forms and effects of child abuse. They both captured the hearts of those present.

Several members of The Bahamas Against Sexual Violence were there to support the Crisis Centre and we appreciate their presence.


The volunteers who assisted either in preparation or in the actual ceremony were not nearly as many as we would have liked or hoped for.  Had it not been for a faithful few, it would have been very difficult to set up for the ceremony, to distribute candles, to supervise the signing of the petition and clear up.

Thank you so much to those who did help.

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  1. July 8, 2009 at 22:30

    I am truly sorry that I missed the solemn ceremony in rawson square. I wrote the event in my daily planner. And then neglected to check it for any planned events. I am glad that in spite of the many that did not show up the event was still a success. Hopefully in the future we will have more support and I will be in attendance. Just continue to do your part. God bless.

  2. crisiscentrebahamas
    July 9, 2009 at 00:45

    Thanks for letting us know….we do realize that our volunteers lead busy lives and that they cannot always attend events organized by the Centre. But we do need help especially at such times. I appreciate the comment…wish we could get some more and get this blog going and more interactive!!

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