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Video of child being molested

conposter12 (Large)Being circulated recently was a very graphic video of a young girl being sexually molested by a man. Upon investigation, it appears that this video was filmed sometime in 2005 and apparently the perpetrator was jailed in 2006. Anyone receiving the video as an email attachment is encouraged to delete the attachment and certainly not to forward it to anyone. It is, in fact, illegal to forward pornographic material.

This video reminds us of the heinous acts being carried out all over the world using children, sometimes too young to know what is really going on, to satisfy perverted lust. Our hearts go out to all children who are subjected to this form of abuse and it makes us realize that our work to educate and sensitize must continue with added fervour and determination.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 12, 2009 at 01:10

    Thank God that that SICK man was imprisoned! I found the e-mail literally sickening and chose NOT to forward it! However, it brought home the reality of what an abused child really goes through! I pray that God will continue to cover our children and bring to light the perpetrators who choose to involve themselves in this disgusting way of life!

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