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vigil reminder

protectyourchildren2 copy (Large)Please come out on Tuesday, 30th June for the Solemn Ceremony in Rawson  Square to recognize the ongoing fight against child abuse, particularly child sexual abuse. Remember, molesters are most often people you know and who have regular access to your children. They can groom your children to believe that their behaviour is normal and just part of a loving relationship. They may threaten your children not to tell anyone. They may give your children gifts or money in order to gain their admiration, love and trust. If you see any signs in your children that may suggest they have been abused, please look into it…don’t ignore the signs hoping they will go away.  If in doubt, call the Crisis Centre who will advise you what to do and how to proceed.

Meanwhile come out and support us on Tuesday. We need to make our voices heard  that the laws in place are strictly adhered to. We also need to lobby for amendments to the law to ensure the safety of our Nation’s children, now and in the future.

And if you were abused and never were able to talk to someone about it, call the Crisis Centre and make an appointment to come in and speak to a counsellor. The affects of abuse can last a lifetime but it is never too late to seek help. If you check our website, you will see a page which gives information on adults who were abused as children.

See you in Rawson Square!

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flyers for the vigil on Tuesday

4786_107551717937_607767937_2886907_2209011_n4820_108270445896_727665896_2022387_2826436_n4820_108270520896_727665896_2022388_7184357_nThanks to Rhonda Seymour, we have the most beautiful flyers for the ceremony on Tuesday.

They touch your heart .

Thank you Rhonda…I hope this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship between you and the Crisis Centre!

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imagesTada, the creator of Bahamas Against Sexual Violence and Child Abuse, will be holding a free concert “I’m Not a Victim” in the Mall at Marathon on Saturday, 27th June at 12 noon.

Please support her and this worthy cause.

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“children have the right to be safe”

vigil copy (Large)A solemn ceremony will be held in Rawson Square at 7pm on Tuesday 30th June to recognize that “Children Have the Right to be Safe” from all forms of abuse and particularly from sexual abuse. Candles will be lit and there will be a Clothesline Project which will depict the stories of children molested here in The Bahamas.

The event is sponsored by the Bahamas Christian Council, The National Child Protection Council and the Crisis Centre.

Please bring your friends and family to this event so our voice can be heard loud and clear….Enough is enough!

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notes from meeting held 20th june 2009

childabuseposter09 copy (Large)The last meeting before the summer break was very poorly attended. We welcome comments on how we can increase our volunteer participation in meetings and events.

Chekera gave a report on the financial outcome of the Fair and Cultural Show held on the 9th May. As ticket monies are still outstanding (and we urge volunteers to bring in the money they owe please) she could not give a final report but as it stands now, a profit of $3,702.20 was made.  This profit should increase considerably when all outstanding monies are brought in to the Centre.

Dr. Patterson spoke about the video being circulated which graphically shows a little girl being molested. She stressed how it shows how children are primed to accept such behaviour as normal, having no knowledge of the damage it is doing to them.

A Clothesline Project will be held as part of a vigil at 7pm on the 30th June in Rawson Square. Other participating groups will be the BCC, the National Child Protection Council and the Bahamas Against Sexual Violence and Child Abuse. This project will depict stories of cases of child abuse here in The  Bahamas.

The theme for Crisis Centre Month is to focus on Teen Violence in Relationships and ideas were sought for a catchy theme. Such ideas as “I’m Not Settlin'” and ” I deserve the best” from songs by Ricardo Clarke, were considered  appropriate as messages to which young people can relate.  There will a newspaper supplement, workshops, an exhibition and other activities during the month of November.

Terneille Burrows, known as Tada, from the group Bahamas Against Sexual Violence and Child Abuse” made several very good suggestions on branding our events and services to catch the attention of the community in a more effective way. She suggested too that we approach the media requesting regular spots for information, PSA’s etc on the Crisis Centre and the issues which the Centre addresses. She also advised more professional graphic design for branding events. If anyone knows of a graphic designer who is willing to work for free for the Crisis Centre, we would love to hear from them. It is time for the younger members of the community to take over, or at least assist in,  the work done by volunteers for the past twenty years.

Ismae Whymms then gave an excellent presentation on Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV, encouraging volunteers to take responsibility for being aware of changes in their bodies and taking appropriate action if they have concerns. There were a number of questions after the presentation posed by volunteers. National HIV Testing Day is to be recognized here in The Bahamas on 29th and 30th June.

Following the meeting, a small group of  new volunteers who have been recently trained completed an evaluation form.

We are hoping that, come September, volunteers will be re-energized to attend meetings and participate in events organized by the Centre. During the break, I will endeavour to update you on any information, activities etc that you might find useful.

Meanwhile, stay safe and cool! And don’t forget to check out our forum!

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Video of child being molested

conposter12 (Large)Being circulated recently was a very graphic video of a young girl being sexually molested by a man. Upon investigation, it appears that this video was filmed sometime in 2005 and apparently the perpetrator was jailed in 2006. Anyone receiving the video as an email attachment is encouraged to delete the attachment and certainly not to forward it to anyone. It is, in fact, illegal to forward pornographic material.

This video reminds us of the heinous acts being carried out all over the world using children, sometimes too young to know what is really going on, to satisfy perverted lust. Our hearts go out to all children who are subjected to this form of abuse and it makes us realize that our work to educate and sensitize must continue with added fervour and determination.

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Candlelight Vigil

protectyourchildren copy (Large) (2)A Candlelight vigil is planned for some time soon. The Crisis Centre’s participation in this event will involve a Clothes Line Project ….please watch this space for more information as it becomes available.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday, 20th June at 10.00. As meetings are normally not held in July and August of each year, volunteers are asked to attend this particular one so we can firm up plans for the Fall.

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