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notes from meeting on 16th May 2009

trafficking poster copy (Large)The meeting was a combined general meeting and training. 

Dr. Patterson informed the volunteers that we need to start planning for Crisis Centre month in November. She suggested that we address the issue of teen violence. One volunteer suggested we also think about preventative measures to protect children who might be molested in school. We thought we could combine the two and volunteers were asked to think of a theme. 

The National Child Protection Council is running a program in primary schools to encourage children who are being abused to come forward and disclose the abuse.  Results of such disclosure would mean that agencies such a the Police, Social Services and The Crisis Centre would be involved in the healing process for such children. 

The Green Ribbon Peace Campaign will continue with Pre School children in September and January and Camille suggested a catchy phrase for this could be ” Put on a happy face” which seemed appropriate for small children. 

Novelette gave a report on the Health Fair held at Lyford Cay. Several volunteers had signed up for it but only one actually attended.  There is another Health Fair to be held on Wednesday, 27th May at the Sheraton, Cable Beach and volunteers who are available were asked to sign up for it. 

Chekera gave her report on the Family Fair and Cultural Show held last week. It was too early to give figures on how much was made as it depended to a large extent on the money for tickets being brought it in a timely fashion.

Everyone agreed that both events went off very well, in spite of the disappointing turnout. 

Some points to keep in mind when planning the next event were:

  • The date and time of year is a big factor. It was felt that the day before Mother’s Day was not a good choice as there were similar events being held on the same day. It was also very hot at the location we picked.
  • Vendors may have wished to stay later in order to make more money as the turnout had been poor. Because of the Cultural Show, vendors had to dismantle their booths soon after 6pm
  • It might be advisable not to have two events on the same day
  • Dr. Patterson might speak at the beginning of such events to tell people attending what the Crisis Centre is all about.
  • There could have been a banner at the entrance on Shirley Street for some days before the event so that people passing would be aware.
  • The location should be reconsidered. On this occasion we wanted to hold it somewhere where we could also have the show later but if we have a separate fair in future, RM Bailey might be a better location. 
  • The electricity supply was a serious problem so, again, something to keep in mind next time. 
  • Brochures and posters should have been displayed to inform and educate on the services offered by the Crisis Centre. 
  • It was suggested that vendors should be given discounted booths next time to encourage them to participate and very few, if any, made a profit. 

However, Chekera, Jadetra and Jan were praised for the hard work they put into both events. There was no doubt that the Cultural Show was a 100% success and should be held again, maybe in November as part of Crisis Centre month. 

The meeting then proceeded into the training session, facilitated by Donna Nicolls.

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  1. sue
    June 9, 2009 at 02:31

    Not a comment on the meeting but to give you all a heads up that links to the online articles on the recent death of the sexually assaulted five month old child have been posted on the forum. I am planning to put info on any upcoming rallies or vigils there too. I would really appreciate your feedback and comments on this issue, so please take the time to visit, read and post on your forum

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