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notes from meeting 18th april 2009

fairflyerlast-copy-medium1We had a really good turn out, considering volunteers were not sure if training was to take place or it was a general meeting.

In the absence of  Dr. Patterson, Camille Smith held the meeting. She explained that training had to be postponed as there were too few volunteers signed up for the first session. Both sessions will now be combined and will definitely start on Thursday, 23rd April at Knowles House.  Camille went through the modules so that volunteers have an idea of how the training will proceed. Veteran volunteers are also asked to attend to update their expertise and knowledge, particularly those who take on Hotline Duty.

The main focus of the meeting, however, was the Family Fair and Cultural Show to be held on May 9th at the National Theatre for the Performing Arts on Shirley Street. This will be a major fund raising event and all volunteers are asked to participate or assist in other ways in making the event a success.

Jadetra Ingraham presented on the progress made so far and it was obvious that the committee is working very hard to ensure everything is in place to make this an exciting event. 

So far there are 13 booths, selling books, clothes, T-shirts while you wait, etc. TCC volunteers will be responsible for selling sodas and the concern is that there are no food stalls at the present time. Volunteers are urged to encourage any food vendors to participate. Time is of the essence as food vendors have to produce food handling licences before a permit can be issued, which can take over a week to acquire.

For the Cultural Show, several artistes have committed to perform, including singers, dance troupes, marching bands, Indian dancers etc. The Defence Force band will be playing during the Fair itself and Clico Colours junkanoo band will be performing. 

Also at the Fair, there will be a Bouncing Castle, Adventure Learning Centre and Face Painting. 

Volunteers were asked to purchase T-shirts, which will also be sold at the Fair. 

Still needed were:

  • an electrician to advise on the availability of electricity to those booth holders who need it 
  • ice coolers to hold the sodas
  • any more cultural groups or individuals who would like to participate
  • information on any organizations who would like to set up booths to do medical testing or educate on the services they offer 
  • volunteers to donate cases of sodas

Tickets for the Cultural Show cost $10 and volunteers were informed that they are responsible for any tickets they accept from the Centre. If they are not able to sell those tickets, they will be expected to pay for them. This is most important to keep in mind before taking too many tickets!!

To get the Fair off onto a good start, there will be an official opening, with singers and a marching band. 

Ads have been sent to the Community Channel and appearances will be made on various radio stations to let the public know about this event. Flyers will be distributed throughout the island and on the electronic media. 

There will be a further meeting on Tuesday, 21st April to distribute flyers. All volunteers are asked to become involved in any way they can. 

The Crisis Centre also has a page on Facebook and we have created an event on Facebook in the hopes that each member will send out invitations throughout the Bahamas to encourage support. 

Please call Novelette on 328.0922 for further information.

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  1. sue fairclough
    May 10, 2009 at 20:30

    Have to say kudos to the energetic and youthful organisers of the fair and cultural show. It was very very impressive that they pulled off two major events on the same day and so professionally. Because of work committments I was unable to attend the fair but the cultural show was tremendous. This was certainly to my mind the best fund raiser that the Ctisis Centre has held in many a year.

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