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Notes from meeting held 21st February 2009

February 22, 2009 2 comments

Noposter copy (Large)Well, we had a very good turnout for the meeting held today! I am sure everyone was glad they came as Mr. William Fielding, Director of Planning at COB was our guest speaker and presented on the correlation between animal cruelty and domestic violence. The presentation was thought provoking and very interesting and the statistics proved that indeed there is a connection between violence towards animals and violence towards people, particularly family members.

Dr. Patterson told volunteers that we have a very busy time coming up with the completion of The Green Ribbon Campaign this week.  School children will be wearing the bracelets on Friday, 27th February. Several schools are having activities this coming week to promote peace and some have developed Peace Gardens on their school premises. Special assemblies with students presenting skits or songs on  the topic of peace have been videotaped to be broadcast at a later date.

On 7th March, on International Women’s Day, a workshop on wellness will be held at the Police Headquarters on East Street from 9.30 – 1.00.

In April, Child Abuse Prevention Month will be held and some focus will be on the impact on children of domestic violence.

Donna Nicolls also informed volunteers that she is working on the training which is coming up soon for both veteran volunteers and new volunteers. The training for veterans will take place on a Thursday, Friday evenings and a Saturday morning and will be completed before the training for new volunteers, which will take two weekends and a Saturday to complete. Training will take place in late March, early April.

Chakera Hamilton told volunteers of the planned Family Fun Day to be held late April or early May. Chakera and her committee are thinking of holding the event at the Centre for the Performing Arts on Shirley Street so that we can have both indoor and outdoor activities. Booths (to cost between $100 and $125) will be set up by vendors under tents, drinks and food will be sold and there will be a kiddie corner with a bouncing castle and other activities. Inside, later on, there will be a cultural show for which tickets will be sold. There was some concern about the cost and possible shortfall in profits and her team will investigate more closely to make sure it will in fact be a successful fundraiser. Several more volunteers signed up to assist Chakera.

Thank you to all those volunteers who attended the meeting and to our guest speaker, Mr. William Fielding.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday, 21st March at 10.00am

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